Friday, May 3, 2013

I started making digital scrapbook kits!

  I've been using this site, and some of the kits on the site for making personal scrapbook layouts. I figured, I have been doing digital design for how long now, why couldn't I start making my own elements and kits? Well, by just messing around with some textures and shapes in Corel's Paint Shop Pro X4, I've decided it is something I am capable of doing and I ended up making the following kit. My very first kit.. and it doesn't suck! I noticed after putting it together, I have a few issues with sizing and proportioning objects but it's something I can work on. 

"Here Comes the Sun" Digital Scrap book Kit by Renee Biggie
I posted a download link for the layout on Pixel Scrapper and user, Cintia Dhariana made a layout with it.
Layout by Cintia Dhariana using my Scrapbook kit, "Here Comes the Sun"
She even improvised with creating her own brackets. I love it!

If you would like to download this kit, leave a comment!

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