Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Major, Much needed Update just made to

I'm just going to list whats been changed/ updated/ edited/ added/ removed here instead of going into full details. It was major. I spent all day and I still have a little left to do, but I have to wrap it up for the night.

Updated history of both me and the site, Removed some personal history.

Added 4 Paintings, 1 Drawing

Added 11 Invitations6 Announcements

 Added 3 in memory of  graphics

 Moved Coloring Pages to their own page

Changed "Misc Digital Art" to "For Fun"

Added "Custom Party Packages" Category to Portfolio
Added Party Packages Page to site
Added 3 Party Package Themes to Site (26 images)

Moved "Digital Scrapbooking Pages" to newly Added Digital Scrapbooking Category

Added Halloween Shoot Album to Photography with 8 Images

Added 1 Flyer

Added 1 Commercial Graphic

Changed "Misc. Items" to "Hand Crafted Items" Category to Portfolio

Added Pinatas page with 5 Images

Added Coasters page with  11 images

Updated Pricing (Services) Page to include coasters and pinatas

Updated information in Terms of Service

Changed Phone Number on Contact page

Removed Etsy Store From Store page

Created a bunch of thumbnails for every new item added to portfolio.

And finally, UPDATED THE BLOG lol.
I have more I want to add, like the Free Printables, but that will come at a later, hopefully soon, date.